What is Offf?
More than a decade ago, OFFF was born as a festival. Today, OFFF is a way of understanding art, a way of life.

OFFF is a community inviting all those who are eager to learn, to participate and get inspired in a two-day journey of conferences, workshops, activities and performances.

OFFF hosts innovative and international talents to share their insightful experiences. It's the key meeting point for all talents around the world to unite and collaborate.

Most importantly, OFFF is made for the curious.
Why Kyiv?
Kyiv is fascinating. Kyiv is extraordinary. But most important — Kyiv has passion. Just as you do.

There are many reasons to visit Kyiv — from interesting history to vibrant atmosphere.
Wonderful people, impressive architecture, food, cafe and nightlife scene. And one attraction you cannot miss — the density of creative life. Festivals, conferences, concerts, markets and meetups.

We believe Kyiv has a potential for being a Creative Capital of Europe. That's why this autumn we're bringing OFFF festival right here.

Kyiv is the best kept secret of Europe. Come discover it with OFFF.
About Offf